Our Baptism Programme Leaders

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How the Baptism programme is run

Having reviewed the structure of our current Baptism programme, we have implemented a number of changes in order to help parents prepare for the Baptism of their child. It is hoped the new format of the course will assist parents to understand their duties and responsibilities of bringing a child into the Faith as well as providing immediate and ongoing support from within St Monica’s Parish.

Step 1. The parent makes contact with the Parish Administrator to enquire about Baptism. During this conversation you will be asked the following:

  • Are you living within the Parish?
  • Do you regularly attend Mass?
  • Have you been on our Baptism course before?

Step 2. The Parish Administrator will then pass on your details to our Baptism Programme leaders, who will contact you to arrange a short visit in your home. The purpose of the visit is to gain an understanding of where parents are at with their own Faith and to assist, support and pray with them in preparation for their child’s Baptism.

Step 3. If you don’t already attend Mass, you will be encouraged to start attending Mass on a regular basis and to make yourself known to the Priest so he is aware that you are preparing for the Baptism of your child. If you do already attend Mass regularly you should also inform the Priest that that you are currently on the Baptism preparation course.

Step 4 After your home visit with the Baptism Programme leaders, you will be advised to watch two short videos. The programme covers what is sought from Baptism and the symbols used throughout the Rite of Baptism. There are a number of pauses for reflection and you will be asked to write down your responses in order to share your views with others at a follow on Baptism Preparation meeting. The videos can be watched as many times as you like and will be the focus used at Step 5.

Step 5. When you feel ready to proceed with the course and are attending Mass on a regular basis, you can then attend a Baptism Preparation meeting with the Programme leaders. Here you will be expected to share your reflections with others also attending the course. The leaders will also discuss what is expected at the Presentation Mass and the actual Baptism day itself as well as what happens after Baptism.

Step 6. You will be then invited to attend the Presentation Mass. After the Presentation Mass you can then contact the Parish Administrator to book the Baptism. Please note Baptism’s are held on a Saturday at 12.30pm.